My first job after university was the program director of the St. John’s YWCA in 1969-70…My experience opened my eyes to the needs for women’s and children’s programs and rights and the need for advocacy and young women’s leadership experiences which have been passions for the rest of my life. I was deeply affected by the warmth and laughter of Newfoundlanders even though money was scarce.
— Diane Goodwillie, Program Director, YWCA St. John's, 1968-70
This was an amazing experience, one I will carry with me throughout the rest of my life. Thank you for this experience. Many other young women would benefit from this training. I learned so many important skills, not just in leadership but for life too!
— Young Women's Leadership Program Participant (2015)
[At the Young Women’s Leadership Program], I learned that there are many different kinds of leaders, which I think is important! I think the training was well organized in a way that it can be applied to daily situations. This training made me realize that it’s easier than I thought to be a leader, and makes me want to be more involved in things like this!
— Young Women's Leadership Program Participant, 2015
It was the fall of 1966 when Marjorie Ball took a shy 14 year old girl (me) under her mentorship. During the next two years, she nurtured my creativity, my confidence, and developed my leadership skills with the opportunities she provided for community service. Under her guidance and direction, I participated in program planning and helped conduct the after-school program and day and residence summer camps. [...]

As a direct result of my YWCA experiences, I became an educator and a minority and women’s rights advocate. My dedication to these causes was expressed in my choice of profession as a Career Technical Education (Vocational) educator. During my career as CTE teacher/administrator and curriculum specialist in California’s Los Angeles Metropolitan Region, I was given opportunity every year to prepare 10000 high school students and 1000 veterans and women for immediate employment and careers. The program was partnered with community service providers and articulated with private and public post secondary schools, colleges and unversities to facilitate advanced skill and degree acquisition. Nationally recognized in the United States, the program offers life time job placement to graduates.

Beyond my career that culminated in a position of Deputy Superintendent of my school district, I have participated in regional and national vocational school accreditations and State of California sponsored programs that provided teacher education training that improved instruction for second language and immigrant students. I was further honoured to be selected by the University or California to be a member of the Cadre of Experts on CTE curriculum for my ability to write rigorous high school curriculum for advanced placement at the university.

Thank you St. John’s YWCA. Thank you Marjorie Ball. There is a bright future for young women who participate in the YWCA sponsored programs, that at this juncture, can only be imagined! With a nod to Dr. Suess, “Oh The Places You Will Go!”
— Colleen Dwyer Crawford