A community where all girls and women are safe, supported and empowered.


To educate the community about particular issues affecting girls and women.
To create opportunities for girls and women to learn, achieve and participate.
To ensure our work is grounded in the real life issues affecting girls and women.
To advance social change through public engagement, and use our voice to call for social justice.


Equality: We work for equal outcomes for girls and women.
Diversity: We embrace diversity and promote inclusion of all girls and women.
Collaboration: We will work with other organizations and collaborative partners to advance social and economic security of girls and women.
Respect: In all our work, with girls, women, partners and staff, we will act with fairness.
Trust: We will be a trusted community partner, friend and program provider.
Balance: Awareness of mind, body and spirit is central to our work


Most Recent Annual General Meeting

November 8, 2017

Next Annual General Meeting


Current Board Members

Alicia Reid (Treasurer)

Allison Wade

Brittany Tibbo (Vice Chair)

Chantelle Mugford

Deanne Fisher

Kelly Hynes-Curties (Chair)

Mary O’Keeffe (Secretary)

Prajwala Dixit